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immersive stories, DOCUMENTARIES & EDUCATION


ROAM creates shared experiences for the emerging metaverse

that provide understanding, empathy and awareness.

Using our nearly 80 combined years of innovative storytelling, ROAM engages today's audiences at a deeply influential level:

by putting them into worlds.

ROAM experiences are the highest quality immersive content available, for the most vivid user experience.

This is ROAM

Our Latest Experiences

ROAM Revenue

Experience the journey of Stoller wine,
from 100 million years ago to today.

Now at the Stoller Family Estate in Dayton, Oregon.

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Working with a group of U.S. Army engineers and eCYBERMISSION educators, ROAM is creating a fully immersive ‘walk around & build it yourself’ VR environment to engage students in STEM-related skills and techniques. The lab will showcase Virtual Reality’s power to educate.

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A touring immersion into the Black American experience -

the seminal events of history and the trials of today.


Delivered in short, poignant chapters, The Witness Project is at times tragic, at times triumphant.

It tells the 400-year long story of challenge and change in America’s journey to racial equality.


Experiencing our shared history begins a reconciliation with it.

Only then, can we begin to move forward together.


The Witness Project: the story of race, the story of America.





Tom Schmidt

CEO - Co-Founder

Tom has been at the leading edge of new technology in storytelling for four decades. A multi-Emmy winner, he most recently won for his groundbreaking work on ESPN’s E:60. In 2017, he was nominated for producing College Gameday's "Jacob Jarvis: Why it Matters,", ESPN's first narrative VR experience. In 2013, he was awarded the Lumiere for the industry’s first 4K documentary production.


Before starting his production company Percolate Digital, he was Creative Director at the Associated Press Broadcast Center, and ushered in the very first online news graphics library: GraphicsBank. He moved the AP from radio to television, by designing and overseeing the TV Direct service, in partnership with Conus Communications.

Matt Fedorovich

CTO - Co-Founder

Matt cut his teeth early in interactive experiences for customers. He worked in game development for top studios in the industry. In addition to the gaming industry, Matt also worked with almost every Fortune 500 company to bring their visions to life across all multiple platforms. Apps he developed years ago, are still in use today.

Matt has seen and experienced the potential in the emerging immersive market and turned his talents toward it, working with the leading companies Microsoft, Magic Leap and Facebook/Oculus.


Matt is an industry leader in developing cutting edge spatial and immersive content.

Dan Beaupré

Dan brings nearly 20 years as Vice President, Experiences in the National Geographic Society’s Education division. He led NG's experience-based programs, including the National Geographic Bee, Giant Traveling Maps, student challenges, and National Geographic Live Student Matinees. He is a former classroom teacher and curriculum writer for PBS productions.


Dan is the recipient of awards and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Danish-American Fulbright Commission, and the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. In 1998 he received the Distinguished Teacher Award from the White House.





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